controling worms and termites in thetrees.

Asked April 6, 2019, 9:15 PM EDT

the palo verde 2, r covered at nite by inch worms. in the same yrd r 2 mesqete trees with termites. had to cut 1 down with termites. help, what to do. this is my front yrd.

Maricopa County Arizona insect issues

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You will find a very interesting and informative article by Eric Eaton (Bug Eric) concerning the caterpillars feeding on palo verde foliage. Using your search engine, type something like this: 'caterpillars feeding on palo verde in Arizona'---or words to that effect. Easy to understand plus color photos.

These are native insects using a native tree as their food source. The tree is adapted to survival in tough conditions---like the desert and having defoliators visit. Eric Eaton considers them interesting to watch but not a serious pest. I would leave them alone.

As for the termites on mesquite---if the tree is substantially dead, they're making a meal of it---as well as a place to live. Depending on the species involved, these termites might be making a meal of your home, too---or other wooden or cellulose-based items in your landscape. This could be a situation requiring pest control services. Check your phone book or search (on your computer) for 'termite control services in xxxx' wherever your community is. Read their 'on-line ads' to verify that they 'do termites.' If they give 'no charge' termite inspection, line up at least 3 of these companies to visit you and give you an estimate on what a program might cost. Ask each one the same questions---virtually anything you want to know or need to know about the termite situation at your home, how they would treat it, how much it would cost (any payment plan available?), if there is an 'insurance' plan to cover retreatments (if needed), as well as any other question(s) you might think of.

If your home is a rental house, notify the owner or management company first. Have their representative or the owner come by first to see and evaluate the problem. I hope this is helpful.