Itoh peony

Asked April 6, 2019, 8:06 PM EDT

My Kopper Kettle Itoh peony will be in it's 2nd yr this spring . As you can see the peony had many blooms and was about 18" before being planted. The year it was planted it only got about 12" high, didn't fill out and no blooms. It may have been crowded by some hollyhocks that self seeded themselves there. ( crafty) . The peony gets direct sunlight all day. There is a weeping cherry tree in the flower bed that I hope will provide some shade later. My question is it just growing slowly and not blooming because it is a little stubborn or maybe too much sun? It was watered about 2x a week and did seem to get stressed at the end of summer as it yellowed out. Sincerely, Stephanie Villalobos P.s.You can see in the 3rd pic that it remained small (between the 2 hollyhocks) as the hollyhocks grew bigger.

Washtenaw County Michigan

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Hello, Several conditions can prevent a peony from blooming. 1. Not enough sunlight: peonies do best in full sunlight—6 hours or more full sunlight in a day. Morning sun and afternoon shade is best. 2. Planted too When you set the plant in the soil, the crown of the plant should have been at the same level as in the container. There should be only 2 inches of soil over the eyes of the root. 3. Too much water could cause root rot which would harm the plant. If it is planted in clay soil, it may not need as much water as in a sandier soil. To test whether it needs water, I suggest that you stick your finger 2 inches in the soil. If the soil is wet, then wait until it dries out before you water. I hope this helps.