Damaged Kurrajong

Asked April 6, 2019, 7:12 PM EDT

My Kurrajong has a narrow split down one side, can I fill it with putty? Or should I just leave it?
It is in the lawn so it has been watered, so it's not caused from the dry conditions. There seems to be no reason for the split. It is long and narrow. I would appreciate your advice. I live in Australia.

Outside United States

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Thanks for contacting us about your kurrajong tree. Our experts are all in North America so we do not currently have anyone who is familiar with particular species. However, vertical splitting is often due to the rapid warming of the trunk from below freezing temperatures to above freezing. If freezing occurs in your area, you can protect the tree from further damage by simply resting a board against the sunny side of the trunk. The shade will prevent rapid warming by the sun.

In our region, we do not recommend filling tree wounds because they heal faster without such additions. You might contact your national arboretum for additional information since they are more familiar with kurrajong: