Eradication of lesser celandine

Asked April 6, 2019, 4:26 PM EDT

Much of this plant is through my lawn but most importantly it surrounds my vegetable garden. I would like to try the recommended chemicals but what residual effect will this have for not yet planted vegetables? Will it spread to the garden soil?

Baltimore County Maryland

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Lesser celandine is a non-native invasive plant and you'd be doing everyone a favor by getting rid of it. It is very susceptible to the herbicide ingredient, glyphosate, but since it goes dormant in the summer, you must spray it now while there is plenty of foliage to absorb the glyphosate and move it into the roots for the kill. Do not let it contact any desirable foliage--it is a total vegetation killer. You will have to sacrifice a little turf probably in order to get it out of your lawn. But be assured, if you do not remove it, it will continue to spread.

Here is our webpage about it:
The last link is very thorough.

Keep the glyphosate on the lawn, and you do not have to worry about the vegetable garden. You can even use a shield of cardboard or plastic to keep spray off the garden if you must spray close to it. Be sure to read the label before applying. Many herbicides are combinations of several active ingredients.