Maryland Certified Top Soil

Asked April 5, 2019, 10:57 PM EDT

Hello, I purchase a load of top soil, and I asked it it had been tested for lead since I want to use this in a raised vegetable bed. The answer I received was that "yes" the soil is Maryland Certified Top Soil. The person on the phone had to ask someone else, and the information was passed from someone to someone. I did not pursue any further questioning. Do you know what testing occurs in order for a soil to be Maryland Certified? And by the way, I did get a load of the soil, and it holds together when squeezed, smells great and is the color I like to see in soil. Thanks for your answers

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Top soil is not regulated in Maryland, so we're not sure what was meant by Maryland Certified Top Soil. It's possible that, if you said you were concerned about lead content, that a soil test was done to determine that the lead level was safe.

This page from our website has good content on top soil and raised bed (follow the links, too):