Pear Tree Spraying Recommendations

Asked April 5, 2019, 10:27 PM EDT

In your publication, "Managing Diseases and Insects in Home Orchards," you at one time recommended lime-sulfur spray for pear trees in the pre-pink, pink, and petal-fall stages for scab and powdery mildew control. When lime-sulfur spray was withdrawn from the market a few years ago, this recommendation was changed to Bonide Fruit Tree and Plant Guard. Now that product has apparently also been discontinued. What, if anything, do you now recommend in its place for this application? Thank you

Josephine County Oregon

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Hello sir - Thanks for your question!

There are several additional options listed in the PNW Handbook for pear scab. Here's a link. Be sure to keep scrolling down, past the part about lime sulfur.

A local advisor would know what's working for your neighbors, such as a Master Gardener. They are open to the public for "Plant Clinic" Mon-Thurs. from 9am - 3pm, at the Josephine County Extension Office.

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Thank you, I had seen this list before, but it seems to be targeted for commercial growers and farmers. Can you name any of these products which are available in retail outlets in quantities suitable for home orchards?

Also, are any of these also effective against powdery mildew? If not, can you recommend a separate product for that purpose?

Thanks for writing again.

I used the PICOL database to create a list of products that are registered in Oregon to be used on pear trees for powdery mildew and scab, and the "intended user" is home/residential. The list is organized by active ingredient here:

I don't know what will work best for you. The plant clinic at your local Extension office may be your best bet.
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I'm afraid that we still don't seem to be communicating. The list you sent doesn't indicate, for example, which of the products is for scab control, which for powdery mildew, and which for both purposes; nor does it say during which stage of the blooming cycle each should be used.

Let me try re-phrasing my question:

If you were re-publishing, "Managing Diseases and Insects in Home Orchards," today, on the page dealing with pear trees (as shown in the attachment), with what would you replace the words, "Bonide Fruit Tree and Plant Guard"?

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All of the products in the final list are for both scab and powdery mildew. I'm afraid you will have to look up their labels to see which stage of the blooming cycle each should be used. You can look up each label here to browse... searching by EPA Reg. No.

I wasn't involved in that publication, unfortunately, so I wouldn't dare guess all of the factors the authors were evaluating to create that list.

I'm sorry I couldn't be more help.
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