Apple powdery mildew, will it infect a type of fruit tree?

Asked April 5, 2019, 9:54 AM EDT

Hello. Have an apple tree in my yard that produces green apples (don't know the exact variety). The leaves and fruit are covered in a white mold (guessing "apple powdery mildew", but not 100% on that -do not have a picture). It is a somewhat small apple tree and am considering removing the tree and replacing with a paw paw (or two). Would the replacement paw paw be immune to the mold infesting my current apple tree? If not, is there a recommended treatment to the ground prior to planting the new tree(s)?

Livingston County Michigan apple diseases

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No the apple powdery mildew would not be a problem on Paw Paw. Most plant diseases are pretty specific to their hosts and do not infect other plants.
Purdue has an excellent resource for pest control in home fruit plantings.