I need to landscape my daughters house

Asked April 4, 2019, 10:52 PM EDT

When we go up to my daughters in Germantown for Easter, she wants me to Landscape the front of her house. Just the foundation plantings. She has a bed about 10’X18’on one side of the door and 10’X10’ on the other side. I am looking for easy maintenance plants that will not become over grown. I live in North Carolina so I don’t know what plants will work there. At my house I used Holly Fern, Autumn Fern, a dwarf hydrangea, hostas, sweetspire, gardenia, and liriope. I have a much larger space so I probably only need about 5 different plantings for this space. I have taken the MG classes and I am hoping you can send me a list of 8-10 choices of good plants for this space I can choose from. Thanks, Joe Loughlin jloughlin@ec.rr.com 910-269-4038

Montgomery County Maryland

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As always, siting the right plant to the right place is paramount for success. We would need to know what kind of sun exposure the front of her house gets to be able to help.

Does she care whether the plants are evergreen or deciduous? How tall is the foundation area? Any windows to avoid?

We try to encourage the use of plants native to our area, (which is the Piedmont region, and her hardiness zone is likely 7a.).
This page from the Chesapeake Bay Native Plant Center is helpful:
http://www.nativeplantcenter.net/. Most of the shrubs are probably too large for the area though. Check out flowers and groundcovers, as a good planting will probably have a mixture of levels of interest.
If the area is part shade, often people use azaleas and rhododendrons but be careful to read plant tags for mature size if you don't want pruning duties.
American Plant and Stadler's nursery are in Montgomery County. You should check their plant selections to help you decide.


Their house faces south, so full sun. Shade tree to small to shade these beds. I think we would want a mixture of evergreen and deciduous. I want to keep it pretty low. Nothing probably kept over 30 inches (well below windows) and many of the plants even lower. Some tidy perennials like hostas, maybe some grasses. Small flowering shrubs. Do you have evergreen ferns in Md?

I landscaped my front two years ago and other than just doing some trimming to take out dead or shape I have had no maintenance.

We do have evergreen Christmas fern here but it prefers partial to full shade. Hay-scented ferns hold up better in sunny and dry conditions. If deer are a problem where your daughter lives, we do not recommend hostas unless you have them in a fenced area -- deer love them! For other low-growing plants, check our groundcovers page for options: https://extension.umd.edu/hgic/topics/groundcover-list

Deutzia is a low-growing deciduous flowering shrub. There are also low-growing evergreens such as junipers or holly cultivars that you can typically find in the garden centers here. For herbaceous perennials, some choices for sun are Bluestar (Amsonia tabernaemontana), little bluestem grass (Schizachyrium scoparium), and false blue indigo (Baptisia australis).