Asked April 4, 2019, 6:32 PM EDT

In Albany, there has been a big number of Arbovitaes dying due to a bug boring into them. I have lived on my property since 2002 and our backyard is surrounded by large Arbovitae's. I contacted Oregon dept of ag and they sent out someone to see if it was the BORING BEETLE they were looking for, but it turned out to be a different type of bug boring in and killing the plants. They said they didn't have funding for our type of pest, and suggested I contact you guys? Please help me to know what to do. I have already lost two of the plants that are approx. 20+ feet tall. The Mennonite Village took all theirs out, they all turned brown and dying just like mine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 541-740-1923 I am the manager at Corvallis Feed & seed and just needing advice.

Benton County Oregon

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Hi, sorry to hear of the troubles with your plants. So we can best assist you, can you please share images or bring in samples of the affected plants and the pest that was found on them? Properly identifying the problem is the first step to accurately advising you.

Images should be in clear focus and show all parts of the plant and/or insect with a ruler or small object like a coin for scale.

Samples should include an affected branch a few feet long and/or specimens of the insects in a jar.

Here's where to find our contact info to share images or samples:

We look forward to getting more information and taking a closer look at your problem.