Majesty palm smells like dog urine

Asked April 3, 2019, 6:08 PM EDT

So I finally figured out where the dog urine smell was coming from. It's my majesty palm. When I put my nose down by the dirt it smells like urine. I seem to notice the odor a day or 2 after I've watered it than I do prior to watering. Recently the palm on the right side died. Now I'm just left with the stub, which I haven't removed yet because I'm afraid the plant will die if I try to transplant it. Any idea why it smells like dog urine?

Franklin County Ohio

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Majesty palms are notoriously difficult to grow indoors. They need a lot of bright, indirect light; enough water to consistently keep the soil moist but not soggy; frequent fertilization when it’s actively growing; and humid air. They’re susceptible to spider mites and fungal infections.

You may repot the plant, especially now in the spring. If you choose to repot it, you may find the center and/or the roots to be soft, infected and / or dying which could produce the smell.