Asked April 3, 2019, 4:15 PM EDT

CUTTING DOWN SOME TREES AROUND THE OFFICE AND THE WOOD IS BEAUTIFUL--NEVER SEEN ANY LIKE IT BEFORE--CAN YOU TELL WHAT CAUSES THIS COLORATION? Just wanted to add, this was a sweet gum tree that was full of black ants. We r pretty sure it was a sweet gum and it was huge!

Coweta County Georgia

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I contacted Dr. Kim Coder, UGA Extension Forestry Specialist, and Dr. Joseph Dahlen, UGA Forestry professor for their input on your question.

They responded that there are many organisms and circumstances that can discolor living and dead wood, but Dr. Dahlen believes this may be from a Box Elder (Acer negundo) tree. It gets infected with a fungus that leaves the wood that exact same pinkish red color.

Based solely on this picture, that is what it appears to be.