Bionic Weed - Wont Die

Asked April 3, 2019, 1:22 PM EDT

Good Afternoon, I ve included a pic of a weed that's in one side of my Mulch bed. They multiply very quickly.I've tried to kill them with Ortho,RM43,Gas. anything I can think of but they wont die and keep coming back. Now I just dig them up. NOBODY has been able to rid them. Any help would be appreciated.Thank you

Prince George's County Maryland

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This is Canada thistle. It is a non-native invasive plant and it is very difficult to get rid of. Pulling will not dent it. Never till a bed of it, because each tiny piece can generate a new plant.

Here is our webpage on Canada thistle: Be sure to use the links provided to get information on control options.

If you dig these plants, you must get every bit of root. If you spray with a systemic herbicide containing the ingredient glyphosate, that can kill the roots, but that product is also a total vegetation killer and you must shield your desirable plants from any contact from the herbicide. Expect to spray more than once. Timing is crucial. Read the link information carefully.