Black Knot fungus on Chokecherry trees

Asked April 3, 2019, 12:24 PM EDT

Is it ever possible to rid a Chokecherry tree of Black Knot or is it best to cut it down? Aside from pruning and fungicide? Also is there a honey bee safe fungicide to use? Thank you so very much for your time and resource!

Anoka County Minnesota

1 Response

Whether your tree could or even should be saved depends on how far the disease has progressed. Here is information on the disease. Click on the drop down areas. As far as any fungicide you use on the tree, you need to read the label to see if it is labeled for use on your tree and if there is a warning about toxicity to bees and insects. Not all products are the same and I cannot recommend anything. You have to read the label and always follow directions.