Groundcover under a Walnut tree

Asked April 2, 2019, 6:54 PM EDT

Can you please recommend ground cover that I can plant under Walnut Tree that deer and rabbits will not eat, area has clay soil and is semi shade to shade. Vinca has grown well but allows grass to grow through which I do not want as I have edged this area and cannot mow grass. Would Mondo or Liriope work or what do you recommend? Thank you for your assistance

Montgomery County Maryland

1 Response

Mondo grass will do well in partial shade and will grow to form a dense groundcover. Evergreen wood ferns (Dryopteris intermedia) would also be an option to include if you want to add some height. You can see other recommendations on our groundcovers list.

Polygonatum (Solomon's seal) and epimedium (barrenwort) are two pretty perennials that do pretty well once they get established in dry shade.

We do not recommend Liriope because of its invasiveness.