Asked April 2, 2019, 12:57 PM EDT

Hi, I am hoping you can give me some advice about these trees I’m concerned about. Not sure what would be rubbing the bark off, it seems to be peeling away from the tree, also a hole at the base and up the small sapling trunk as well, this is also on some other trees as well. I would really love to plant some more trees on my property but want to tend to what I already have first. The last picture is of the base of my young lilac bush which has now half dead.. Any insight would be appreciated!! Thanks, Sarah Mann

Kenton County Kentucky

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Hi Sarah,
I'm not sure about the first photo, with the branch being on the ground. Is it growing low that way, or did it recently fall? Mice and other rodents will chew bark as shown here.

The injuries in the second two photos are older injuries. The first one could have been been lawnmower or weed wacker damage, could have been a branch that broke off but it was pruned and is healing well. The lilac damage is not good. It's large for the size of the plant. I can't tell after the fact what broke off the branch, but it is not a clean injury and the plant will suffer. I hope this helps.