rust on shad bush

Asked April 2, 2019, 9:28 AM EDT

About 5 years ago I noticed a cedar rust gall on a small cedar. We removed it for other reasons, but I think the rust spread to our shad bushes. Its become worse, I've tried removing infected fruit, etc, but have decided to try a spray if there is one you can recommend.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Both cedar quince rust and cedar hawthorne rust will infect shadbush. The disease alternates between shadbush (and these other plants) and cedars. It is virtually impossible to eliminate cedars from a large enough area to make that a practical solution (1-2 miles), though it helps reduce infection to remove cedars nearby.

Here is an extension page on rust disease:

Rust infection varies from year to year and most homeowners just enjoy the berries during dryer years.