Frog found in the house!

Asked April 1, 2019, 11:15 PM EDT

We found what I think is a gray tree frog in our house. Could it have been in one of our plants that we brought in for the winter? Would it have been hibernating in the warm house or active all this time? Is it safe for us to put it outside now with potentially freezing nights or will that harm it? It's in a small terrarium at the moment. Thanks!

Ramsey County Minnesota

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I am not an expert on frogs but would think that they are still in hibernation in nature. The ground is still frozen and I do not know where your frog would go or could go. Perhaps the terrarium is a good idea for another month and then it can be released. You may need to check out with a pet store as to what food to give it. Here is some interesting information on them: