Pine tree dying?

Asked April 1, 2019, 9:04 PM EDT

I have removed approximately 20 large branches from a large pine tree in my backyard. I was tempted to remove it all together, but before I did I had many branches cut off. The shedding, mess and maintenance is large, especially as I constantly try to keep a manicured backyard and lawn. Currently the tree is shedding a tremendous amount of brown needles. I was informed and have read that removing many branches as I have in the last 1-2 years can gradually kill the tree. I’ve including some photos and was curious if you feel that process has begun? The top is still green, yet there appear to be many areas that seem whithered. I like pine trees, but not in my backyard. Thank you for your input.

Maricopa County Arizona

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Thank you for your question. Your county Extension office is a better resource on this than those of us in Oregon. Here is their contact information: Good luck!