Where can I buy RR Corn seed and ESN or Urea?

Asked April 1, 2019, 3:45 PM EDT

I am looking to plant 3-4 acres of corn for the 1st time on some acreage I own in Pullman, Michigan. I have done considerable research on the "how to" part so I have the basics down (including talking with a number of Illinois farmers) but for the life of me I cant find or google a phone number or location of a Coop or argonomist in the South Haven or Pullman area where I can buy a bag of round up ready corn seed and some bagged ESN or Urea. Any help on a local place I can buy the small quantities I need would be appreciated.

Allegan County Michigan

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Green Valley Agriculture in Bangor is the closest agribusiness. Please call 269-427-8206.