Is a white pine tree susceptible to any current diseases?

Asked April 1, 2019, 3:37 PM EDT

We are a condominium complex in West Dearborn, Michigan (Wayne County). Several years ago our one white pine was cut down in error when the sewer project was initiated in our area (summer 2017). We want to replant it but wonder if it's a smart move since many of our other conifers are diseased. If this isn't a good idea, what other tree would you suggest that would be hardy? Our soil is clay and "fill dirt and debris".

Wayne County Michigan

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I'm sorry to hear about your white pine. Unfortunately, white pine are susceptible to a number of problems including white pine weevil, sheath mite, white pine blister rust, among others. They are shallow rooted, sensitive to heavy clay soil and prefer rich moist well drained soil that is slightly acidic (they become chlorotic in alkaline soils). They are also intolerant to salt spray and soil salt.
In order to replace it, I suggest that you obtain a soil test to establish exactly what kind of soil you will be planting in. Go to to obtain a kit.
Then you would need to assess the site: how much sun/shade, white pines need at least 6 hours of sun a day. They are fast growing, so you must decide whether you want that large a tree there. Do you need an evergreen? Or perhaps a deciduous tree would work, such as recommended in the attached bulletin.