Infected Ash Trees in Glen Arm, MD

Asked April 1, 2019, 2:32 PM EDT

Hello. We live in Glen Arm Maryland. We have a lot of large (over 40 years old) trees which are infected with emerald ash borers and the woodpeckers are debarking the trees. My questions are: 1) does any help exist to get these trees cut down, removed, or treated? we can not afford to have them removed ourselves but don't want to be fostering any invasive species. 2) do we need to report the trees to anyone?

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

Unfortunately, Emerald Ash Borer is so widespread in Maryland that we are no longer taking reports for the western shore.
There is no way to feasibly treat trees once they are infested, and we are not aware of any help with removal.
Dead or dying trees could be left standing if their fall doesn't threaten people or property.
If that is of concern though, be aware that the affected trees quickly lose their structural integrity to the point that some companies will refuse to work on them or charge a hazard fee.
Here is our latest info on Emerald Ash Borer: