Best year round green fence option for clay soil

Asked April 1, 2019, 9:31 AM EDT

Hello, I am looking to plant a green fence for my south side property line. The soil is clay, will have full sun most of the day, and the ground does have a slight grade to it for drainage. What are my best options for a year round green fence? I was originally thinking Blue spruce, as I have several already on the property but I am concerned with the increase in diseases. I do have two mature pines (I do not believe to be blue spruce but are similar) that are exhibiting Needlecasts disease. I am located in Dewitt, MI. Your advice is much appreciated.

Clinton County Michigan

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Hello. The most important thing is to plant a variety of trees, not a monoculture. If a disease should happen then your entire planting will not be susceptible. Siberian and Norway spruces. Korean fir, arborvitae (but not if deer are around), and concolor fir would be some suggestions to start. Make sure you help your new trees along by watering at the base and not heaping mulch up to and on the bark!