Planting a garden which blooms through the spring and summer

Asked March 31, 2019, 3:44 PM EDT

We moved to a new house in Whitmore Lake last year. There were three large trees in the front yard, two were dying and had to be taken down (a silver maple and a red oak). The stumps were ground and I've cleared up as many of the wood chips as possible. I would like to plant a garden in the front yard, facing east towards the lake. The soil seems quite fertile, but I have ordered a soil test kit. I would like to plant a redbud tree on one end of the garden and then a combination of annuals and perennials. One end of the garden is shaded by a red oak (24" trunk diameter). I would like to have something blooming throughout the spring and summer and into the fall if possible. What do you recommend? Any references you would recommend? Thanks so much! Charlie

Livingston County Michigan

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Thank you for the extensive information; that will be very helpful. Once you get the soil test report, please send me a new email with the link for your report. Then, I will have some suggestions to offer.