vines on Mulberry trees

Asked March 30, 2019, 8:51 PM EDT

Vines on Mulberry tree - Are they hurting the tree by climbing it and taking water and nutrients away? Are they able to pull from the tree itself, or just where its in the ground rooted in? Should I cut them and pull them off? The deer love to eat the leaves as high as they can reach. Thanks, Joe

Howard County Maryland

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From your photos, it appears to be exclusively English ivy. Heavy vines cause damage and death to mature trees by loosening the bark and holding moisture against the trunk, making a good environment for fungal disease and decay. Heavy vines can take trees down in wind, snow, and icy conditions.

Cut it off at the base of the tree and paint, don't spray, the newly cut end of the vine with a systemic herbicide (one with the ingredient glyphosate or triclopyr) at a high strength. Do not let the herbicide get on the tree. Also, to make it easier to see what has been removed, cut the vine off again at about shoulder height so that you can easily see a bare area about the tree base. Do not let new tendrils start going up the tree again. Keep it off.

It is easier to pull the vines off the trees once they have died and are dried out.

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