Care of my Nandin Bush

Asked March 30, 2019, 7:10 PM EDT

My Nandina Bush. is about 13 years old. I am concerned it does not look healthy. Over the winter the bush was full , bulbs were plentiful and bright. Recently I noticed it does not look good ? Lots of bare limbs, I need some direction. I just put 3 Vigoro stakes around the plant for fertilizer. What are your thoughts? I do not want to loose this bush Thank you

Baltimore County Maryland

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Many plants are now showing the effects of the cold this past winter, including Nandina. Nandina is a very tough shrub. You can rejuvenate it by cutting the branches/stems to the ground and will sprout new stems soon. However if this seems to severe for you, you might want to try cutting back one third of the oldest branches to the ground each spring to give it a fresher, less leggy look. The remaining branches/stems can be pruned back to just above where new foliage is starting to emerge. That will mean cutting off the berries at this point but the plant will bloom and you will have berries again at the end of the season.