Ant Hills?

Asked March 30, 2019, 10:55 AM EDT

Hi all - we’re renting a house in Kensington, MD and going through first spring/summer lawn. It needs some work. But I’ve noticed all around (wasn’t here in fall or winter) a TON of little (what appear to be) ant hills. What should I do?? I’m about to reseed and put down some crabgrass preemergent for newly seeded lawns but not sure if I should wait and take care of the ant hills first or if these will simply go away.

Montgomery County Maryland

3 Responses

Ants are a crucial and beneficial part of a lawn. They are always there, but usually not as noticeable. You may be noticing these hills because the turf is so sparse or non-existent. Also, when soil is very wet (the entire last year, and continuing!), ants will move their hills up closer to the surface so they don't drown.

Ant tunnels not only get oxygen down to plant roots (yes, plants roots must have oxygen), but also let rain drain and percolate into the soil better. And all that tunneling mixes up and brings up nutrients to where plant roots can access them. So, all good. Don't worry about the ants. The hill problem will resolve itself. Rain and mowing flatten them.

Also, be sure to mow high (3-3 1/2"). There are many benefits. Low mowing is one of the top reasons for lawn decline.


THANK YOU!!! Truly appreciate the response and help!