Reintroduce native grasses to areas cleared of scrub oak.

Asked March 29, 2019, 4:07 PM EDT

Property is off West Jackson Creek Rd in Sedalia. Previous owner cleared a lot of scrub oak, and the ground is scrapped to dirt. How can I encourage the local native grass to recover the cleared areas?


Michael Horwith

Douglas County Colorado

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Hi Michael,
Thanks for your question. You will be best off by first amending your soil and seeding it with some native grasses. The only problem with doing a soil amendment only and waiting for the native grasses to move in is that whatever you do to make the area nice for the grasses to move in will also attract weeds. I'm not sure if you are planning to seed or not, I couldn't really tell from the question.
I have attached a link to some info from CSU on amending your soil and another link to native grasses for our area so that if you do plan to seed you can look for some that are native. Kudos to you on wanting to give a home to native grasses, they are vital to our insect and bird population!