Grass seeding problem

Asked March 29, 2019, 11:46 AM EDT

late summer last year I planted some new grass seed. It was coming up fine. It grew to a normal length, and then all of a sudden numerous black holes killed the grass. this happen in other ares that did not have the new grass seed.

Fred Sanchez
Ann Arbor MI
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Washtenaw County Michigan lawn management growing grass

1 Response

If this happened after mid summer it could be grub damage. This can be verified by checking for roots in nearby grass. Grubs hatch in early July and feed on roots causing plants to dry up, leaving bare areas. Other problems could be related to cultural practices and the site. If it is shaded make sure if it is watered only in the morning and never in the evening. Some fungal disease can occur in areas that stay wet over night. I cannot tell much more from this photo. If this occurs this year calls us at our state hotline right away since the time of year and the environmental conditions help to determine the problem. Our state hotline is 888 678-3464.