Maple Syrup

Asked March 29, 2019, 10:19 AM EDT

I'm wondering if I attempt to do my boil off (outdoors) Saturday with the high humidity predicted (100% most of the day), whether or not it will take that much longer than if i waited until Sunday. Just really don't want to do it on Sunday, but the weather looks beautiful and humidity 40-60% most of the day BTW we are protected from the precipitation so that's not a factor Saturday.

Oakland County Michigan

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Relative humidity is a fairly minor consideration when boiling down your sap to syrup. Yes, it will take a bit longer in humid conditions, but not *that* much longer. I don't have any data comparing boiling at varying relative humidity levels. But at our operation at home, we boil no mater what the relative humidity is. And yes, it takes longer on humid days.

Also consider sap quality. Sap quality degrades as sap is stored, unless it is frozen. A more important factor in your decision as to when to boil should be maintaining good quality by boiling your sap as quickly as is reasonable.

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