Magellan Explorist 610 compatability with DNR garmin

Asked March 29, 2019, 12:19 AM EDT

I've previously used DNR GPS to download and manipulate waypoint information from a Garmin GPS, I now have a Magellan explorist 610 and would like to similarly manipulate GPS data but DNR garmin doesn't locate my new GPS, do I need an extension or do I have to use a different program. Even Google appears to have trouble with the Magellan.
Not sure maybe I have the settings wrong, just don't know and would prefer not to have to download another GPS program. Hoping you can advise, cheers Janet from Australia

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Hello there-

So I am not familiar specifically with the Explorist 610. But from what I can tell, this is GNSS receiver was initially rolled out in 2010 / 2013. This suggests to me that there are likely some firmware updates / driver updates that might be needed for your GNSS receiver / computer.

The item to note here, is that you Magellan GNSS receiver should NOT be turned off or disconnected during the update process. It sounds like this could almost ruin your GNSS receiver (although there must be someway to factory reset it...).

Here are 2 options for you to try (you may want to try 'Option 2' first...)

Option #1
Here is one website that discusses this process:

Option #2:
I have run into a similar issue with other GNSS receivers (can't find the GNSS receiver or slow connection with DNRGPS). I have used a 'work around ' process. This option would be to bypass the DNRGPS Waypoint Upload option, and then open DNRGPS to manipulate the Waypoints.

On your computer...
  1. When you connect your Magellan to your PC (via a USB Cable), the Magellan should appear as a device icon when you open "My PC" (similar to a flashdrive or other external device).

  2. Note: If you are not able to find a Magellen icon, then you PC is not able to read it. Then you may need to try 'Option #1' above...
  3. Open the Magellan icon, and navigate to the waypoint folder on your GNSS receiver (and you may need to explore the available folders, but just look for some .gpx files).
  4. You should see a list of .gpx files. Copy the files (or the particular .gpx file that you want to work with) to a folder on your computer.
  5. You can now disconnect your Magellan from your computer (optional).
Now you can open DNRGPS. You will open the .gpx file on your computer (that you copied above) using DNRGPS
  1. Under the menu, go to <File> and <Load from File> option.
  2. Navigate to the .gpx file(s) that you saved in #3 above.
  3. Select and open the .gpx file(s) in DNRGPS.
  4. Now you should be able to select and manipulate your waypoint information.
  5. You can reconnect the Magellan to your PC, and copy the manipulated .gpx files back to the appropriate folder on your Magellan.
I have put together a DNRGPS 'tutorial' manual. The manual is associated with Garmin GNSS receivers, but there are applicable steps for you to follow with other receivers. This manual is available from here:

Good luck and I hope that this info. is useful!