Asked March 27, 2019, 5:51 PM EDT

what herbicide do I use growing pumpkins

Hancock County Illinois

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Thank you for your question. Are you looking to spray and area to plant pumpkins or kill weeds established pumpkin beds?

If you are looking to control weeds in an established bed:

Generally, herbicides aren't used in vegetable beds as many of the weeds you would want to kill require herbicides that would also kill your pumpkins. Landscape fabric, black plastic and other mulches are frequently used as weed control instead of pesticides.

If you are looking for something to clear an area to plant your pumpkins:

I would suggest that tillage may be a better option than herbicide. I can not recommend herbicides for Illinois as your regulations are different than those in Virginia. However, I would recommend you contact your Extension office in Hancock (217-357-2150) as they would have that information. Additionally, they may have best practices recommendations for Illinois as well as recommended variety lists which you may find helpful.