What is this guy?

Asked March 27, 2019, 12:45 PM EDT

Hi I am curious what this spider is? I am not worried that it's dangerous, I'm just interested to know what it's called.

Spokane County Washington spider identification

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Hello and thank you for contacting us,

We can't be sure of the identification without seeing the spider and examining it in person. We can give you our best guess, but it is only a guess.

We compared the pictures you sent with pictures of spiders found commonly in Washington and Idaho. You can access thie free publication from this link: http://cru.cahe.wsu.edu/CEPublications/EM113E/EM113E.pdf

Based on our observations, we think it might be a long-legged sac spider, which is an introduced species that is often found indoors, but more commonly on the west side of Washington than in Spokane county. These spiders are usually about 1/4" long.

Another possibility is the hacklemesh band weaver. This is based on the color and shininess; and these spiders are larger, varying from 1/2" to an 1" in size. These spiders usually have a pattern on the back (top) of the abdomen, and we don't see that in this case, so this seems less likely .

If you do want us to work on a more confident identification, you can bring it to our office at 222 North Havana St, just south of Avista baseball stadium at the Spokane Interstate Farigrounds. We are in the southwest corner of the grounds on the north side of the railroad tracks. We are open 8:30-5pm Monday-Friday. You can also email us at mastergardener@spokanecounty.org.

Thank you again for contacting us. Please let us know if you have any further questions.