Holes around holly tree roots

Asked March 26, 2019, 9:10 PM EDT

We just discovered about a dozen holes dug around the roots of our thee holly trees in my yard in silver spring. What could be causing this? We have lots of squirrels and rabbits. Holes are about 2 or 3 inches around. Small nats around some of the holes. Have seen squirrels dig small holes in the yard but these holes seem different. The roots of the trees are exposed and we worry it will damage them. There are blaceyed Susans And daffodils planted around the trees. I don’t think the daffodils are there anymore. Most concerned for our holly trees. What can we do? I have photos.attached. Hope you can help.

Montgomery County Maryland wildlife holly trees trees ground holes

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There may be several types of wildlife that are making the holes. You may be dealing with chipmunks or voles but we cannot say for sure. Look at our website for more information http://extension.umd.edu/hgic/chipmunks

Also, see the link from the Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Mgmt which has information on ground hole identification

Voles can feed on the roots of trees and shrubs. Monitor for them by setting out snap type mouse traps baited with apple slices placed in the surface runways or near the burrows. Mulch lightly around the base of the tree with mulch to prevent lawnmower or string trimmer damage to the trunk. Mulch should not
touch the trunk. You can send more photos if you continue to notice holes or symptoms on the holly trees.