Sick Serviceberry Trees - Please Advise

Asked March 26, 2019, 4:13 PM EDT

Our 2 Serviceberry trees, which I planted because they are native species and provide food for birds and were to be low maitenance, have suffered for the past 2 years from some sort of fungus - I think. Is there anything to be done for them, now in the Spring, or should I declare defeat and take them out? I sprayed with various fungicides last year and tried spraying with Neem Oil. It didn’t seem to help. Please advise.

Montgomery County Maryland

1 Response

Serviceberry are great native plants that have evolved here along with the other flora and fauna. They are low-maintenance, but that doesn't mean they are perfect.
They commonly have some disease issues but that does not need to be treated and does not stop them from being good for wildlife/birds.
We don't recommend fungicidal treatment for the rust diseases they get.

We would not recommend taking them out either as they are excellent for native habitat.