Miss kim flowering lilac tree sickness

Asked March 26, 2019, 3:47 PM EDT

I have had my Miss Kim lilac tree for around 10 yrs now and a couple years ago it began to lean over then l noticed the bark was splitting on the trunk and last year the branches on one side of the tree died but the other side seemed to be ok. But the tree has leaned way over. It is planted in a garden with other plants and they are doing fine. What is wrong with it. I am planning on getting another one but I don't want it if it will do the same thing.

Miami County Ohio

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Thank you for contacting us on your lilac problem.

Since you have had the lilac for a good 10 years; have you pruned in that time? Lilacs usually do not need pruning unless you desire a good reblooming or want to maintain a cretin shape. What is the height of the shrub. It could be a matter of not being able to support itself. This may be a good possibility as you have said the bark is splitting.

With the information provided you may consider pruning the healthy branch and remove the dead branch. Also if you do decide pruning start after they have flowered and

You might provide some sort of support to get the lilac in a more upright position. Also with the information provided it does not appear that there is a disease problem.

I have listed a few links that may give you some ideas on your problem and have listed your county Extension Service as they may be able to provide additional help and information. A photo(s) are always helpful in determining problems better.




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