Grow grass in shaded area

Asked March 26, 2019, 12:54 PM EDT

Need advice on what type of grass to grow in a heavily shaded area or a recommendation of another product. I live in Columbia MD and have a small yard with tall trees that do not get much if any direct sun light. Doug

Howard County Maryland

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Grass does not grow in woods--though we keep trying. Please read this page through:

We cannot emphasize enough that fine fescue does not like to be walked or mowed over. The less the better. Mow it high and skip mowing as much as possible. Sounds great, right?

Many spring sown lawns start out great and die over the summer. Fall is best for sowing.

Follow the links above, too, for lawn alternatives. The less lawn the better in shade. Most of us really don't use our lawn area much except for the occasional stroll or to highlight other plants, so shrub and ornamental beds, natural or moss gardens, etc. make much more sense than expanses of hard-to-care-for or impossible lawn. And you'll get the wildlife benefit, too.