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I bought a new house last spring and with the chaos of settling in I didn't get to spend that much time on my lawn. The lawn in both front and back yard area is pretty much a disaster so I'm going to start off from scratch in a few weeks. I have just ordered a soil sample from the MSU Extension but I would like to know what kind of grass I should plant? Our front yard gets adequate sun but there is a big portion of our backyard that doesnt see much sun due to the position of the house and shade from trees. I have attached a picture of the back yard which shows the current lawn and the shaded area. Just wondering what grass seed you suggest. Thanks!

Barry County Michigan

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Choosing a grass species and varieties a lot depends on the soil, amount of traffic, sun/shade, irrigation, amount of maintenance, etc. Kentucky blue is good for full sun, and fine fescues, and perennial rye are good for shade. The attached links will help you zero in on what you are looking for:
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Mr. Andersen

Thank you for the quick response. I have one more question. I have cleared out an area in my backyard for a potential garden. Unfortunately there are many weeds that I need to get rid of including poison ivy vines. Do you know of an all-in-one spray that will eliminate both the weeds and ivy?

Many of the herbicides listed for poison ivy are broad leaf killers and don't work well on grasses. Glyphosate is nonspecific (maybe not quite as good 2,4 -D triclopyr which may not work well on grassy weeds). Check out the following link (note: this is intended for South Carolina):

Regardless of the herbicide repeat applications may be needed. Make sure to read the label and use the appropriate personal protective equipment.
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