phytophthora and dahlias

Asked March 26, 2019, 12:53 AM EDT

I have a row where raspberries succumbed to phytophthora. I tore them out last summer. Can I plant dahlias or any other plant in that row? I plan on pulling back on my watering in that area. Jan

Island County Washington

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As is sounds like you already know that Phytophthora thrives in poorly drained soils, looking at ways to improve the drainage will help whatever you decide to plant next.

As for your specific question about planting dahlias, this article from The American Dahlia Society suggests that you may also encounter problems but they are listed as safe in this list of tolerant plant species

My suggestion would be to see if you can improve your soil drainage by incorporating organic matter or by using raised beds. You may find this document on soils to be helpful

Thanks for the information. I was not able to access the last link you provided about the soils. Any ideas? Thanks.

It should work, but you can also use a search engine to look for the bulletin number. Try searching for: WSU EM063E