Removing grass from a small back yard

Asked March 25, 2019, 4:53 PM EDT

My small back yard grass suffers from lack of sunshine because of large trees. I want to do away with the grass and then apply bark to the area. Is there a product that will kill the grass? I have read of troubles with Roundup. What other product is safe and affordable? Thanks.

Lane County Oregon

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You really don't need to purposely kill the grass. What I would do is put down 3-5 layers of cardboard, wetting it thoroughly for each layer and overlapping the edges. Once that is down, I would spread 2"-4" of wood chips (you can usually get these for free by signing up through It has a different aesthetic than bark mulch, but if using the latter, you will want the same approximate thickness. The cardboard will allow water to seep through, but it will provide a light barrier that will prevent the grass and other weeks to grow.