pinon pine

Asked March 25, 2019, 11:05 AM EDT

Someone thinks my pinon pine has a problem. The bark is blackish and peeling. The growth looks healthy. I am not interested in using any pesticides on my yard / plants. A flock of wrens frequent the tree and appear to be eating something - and some wasp seems to find something in the branches also. I've looked closely and nothing is apparent.

Denver County Colorado

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To find the most appropriate individual to answer your question, what county in Colorado do you reside? Thanks! Ruth

SW Denver

Can you send us some photos of your tree? One of the "black, peeling bark," and another of the entire tree? Also tell us the age of your tree and how you take care of it. Once we look at your photos, we might able to figure it out.

Alternatively, since the tree sounds like it might be valuable to your landscape - and to the wrens! - you might want to get a certified arborist out to do an on-site evaluation.

never mind - I don't know how to down load pictures - the tree is > 20 yrs old but not that big. it's on the east side of the house and gets sprinkler water in the summer. I'm not inclined to get an arborist Just thought you might have an idea from the description. .

Call the Denver Extension office at 720-913-5270 and talk to Merrill Kingsbury, the Master Gardener Program Assistant or Dan Goldhamer, the Denver Horticulture agent about your pine. If you have photos but just don't know how to download them, you can go over to the office at 888 E. Iliff (in Harvard Gulch Park, just north of Porter Hospital) and show them to Merrill or Dan.