russian sage , how to erradicate

Asked March 24, 2019, 7:45 PM EDT

Hello. I have Russian sage in a perennial area. I tried to dig it out last summer ,before I replanted the area however it began re- sprout , and I was continually cutting back the shoots. What can I apply to the plant as it emerges ? I understand that the best chemical may be prodiamine,however I am concerned about using it as a pre -emergent as it may destroy the other perennial in the area. Any suggestions would be appreciated . Thanks Paul

Denver County Colorado

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We are sorry there is no easy solution to eliminate Russian Sage. You are on the right track in digging it up. It is a plant that send out suckers and produces large quantities of seeds. As a result, the seeds have been in the ground for many years, and a pre-emergent will not prevent germination of all the seeds. Any herbicide you use to kill the plant has the potential to kill surrounding perennials, so that is not recommended. It will take persistent attention on your part to remove as much as possible of all emerging plants and roots.