Tall Grass

Asked March 24, 2019, 7:19 PM EDT

Hello I do hope this isn't a duplicate of my original post. My phone didn't want to cooperate so here goes again. We just bought our home in Union Bridge and are sorting through the existing landscaping and we happen to have this grass on the front of the house that looks like it is long over due for a hair cut. I was moving it around today and didn't see any new growth in the stalks and am not sure if I should cut it all the way back or treat it differently. I hope my photo is enough to go off of. I can research the plant if I have an idea of what it is. Any help is much appreciated Thank you -

Frederick County Maryland

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We cannot say for sure but the ornamental grass may be a type of Miscanthus sp., Chinese silver grass. This is commonly planted as an ornamental but it has become invasive. Take a look at our blog https://marylandgrows.umd.edu/2018/01/12/how-invasive-is-chinese-silvergrass/

If you want to keep it, prune back to about a foot or less from the ground. Removing the seed heads is one way to reduce the liklihood of spreading to new areas. Native replacements include little bluestem or switchgrass.


Thank you and yes after a few more image searches and your video in the link I'm sure this is what I am dealing with. No wonder it looks so aweful. I'm going to try and keep it but I won't be too upset if it doesnt make it through the pruning.
Again, Thank You :)