Raised strawberry bed

Asked March 24, 2019, 10:17 AM EDT

I did not get to do anything last fall. When the snow goes away, do I weed whip or trim way back immediately. Can I thin out as well.

Wright County Minnesota

1 Response

Do you have June bearing strawberries? With June bearing strawberries, it is beneficial to renovate the bed yearly after the time you are done harvesting in the summer. The University of Minnesota website on growing strawberries (below) is a great resource. https://extension.umn.edu/fruit/growing-strawberries-home-garden Up first this spring would be pulling away any winter mulch in April when growth of the plants starts. If you didn't renovate the strawberries after harvest last year(described in the U of MN website), next steps may depend on the type of strawberry, age of the plants and the state of the bed. Some of the purposes of the late summer renovation are to reduce disease, provide space for the plants and to get the plants ready for the following year. This process can help with improving the amount of fruit produced. In your case, any cleanup that you may do this spring may just be thinning or removing unwanted plants or planting any new ones if needed or desired. You could also choose to do nothing for this year. You may just have fewer strawberries for this season. I'd be concerned that running a trimmer over the plants when snow melts this spring would just potentially damage any crowns of the strawberry plants.