Asked March 23, 2019, 7:52 PM EDT

best variety for Tenakee area ?

Skagway-Hoonah-Angoon Census Area Alaska strawberries

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Growers throughout Southeast Alaska have found many different varieties of strawberries that should do well in Tenakee Springs. The ones that have had multiple recommendations over the years are; Suksan, Benton, Earliglow, Tribute, Fern, Salva, Quinault, Fort Laramie, Tristar, and Eversweet. I have not confirmed that all are still commercially available, but Tristar is certainly a continued favorite for flavor and productivity.
These, of course, are on top of the famous Anway strawberry of Haines, developed by Charles Anway at the turn of last century for sale to the Fort Seward and local Haines markets. The historical society and Haines museum have information on this strawberry, plus an excellent biography of Mr. Anway is available.
Then there's the local variety found on sandy beach areas and other well drained areas which can be successfully transplanted and encouraged to populate new areas.
Also, see the UAF Extension publication on Growing Everbearing Strawberries by searching for it at