What’s wrong with these chick’s feathers?

Asked March 23, 2019, 4:50 PM EDT

The chick hatched with these odd feathers. Otherwise, the chick is thriving, but the feathers are strange. Three photos from hatch, one week and two weeks of age. This is not from pecking, but even the head feathers are short and rough.

I think the Breed is F2 Olive Egger. Roo (Barnvelder x Americauna) x hen (Partridge Penedesenca).

Buncombe County North Carolina

1 Response

There could be several causes.
1. Genetics
2. Nutrition of the breeders
3. Incubation conditions:
- High incubation temperatures
- Low incubation humidity
- Excessive ventilation
- Holding chicks in hatcher too long after hatching