Pesticides for poison ivy and lawn maintenance

Asked March 23, 2019, 3:22 PM EDT

Hello, I live in a condominium community in Montgomery county near Bethesda. The governing body is currently debating the using a mixed organic and spot use of either the herbicide Q4 and Blindside to tackle poison ivy. Our condo community was built in the 1972. The fill added to the excavated soil is a very heavy clay mix. This leads to significant pooling of water and heavy drain run off. If we were to use Blindside or Q4 on the poison ivy: would it likely work through the soil to the ground water before becoming inactive? Or do both pose significant environmental hazards?

Montgomery County Maryland

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To find information about the persistence of these herbicides in the soil and their environmental hazards, contact the National Pesticide Information Center. They have a toll-free number (1.800.858.7378) or email