How Serious of a Problem is Lilac Borer in Michigan?

Asked March 22, 2019, 5:24 PM EDT

I was thinking of planting an Ivory Silk Japanese Lilac Tree at my home in Metro Detroit. It has been suggested that I re-think that because of Lilac Borer. I don't want to relive the problems I had with Emerald Ash Borer. Is Lilac Borer a serious problem? Is it preventable and, if so, how can it be prevented? Should I be considering a different tree? If so, what ornamental trees would be suitable alternatives? Thank you for your help!

Wayne County Michigan

1 Response

Has the lilac borer been identified in your area? If it is present in your area, you may wish to consider an alternative tree species.

Lilac borer is a native pest that can cause harm on lilac and ash trees; however, healthy trees are rarely affected. For more information about possible treatments, please read this fact sheet,

Possible alternatives, depending on the conditions of your site, might be magnolia or kousa dogwood or heptacodium (seven son flower tree).