Honey bees

Asked March 22, 2019, 8:07 AM EDT

How to move an old active hive? A friend has a very old hive on the second story wall of his garage. He said the bees may have come from Univ of MD colony.

Prince George's County Maryland

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The process To get bees out of a building is difficult. They have to be cut out, either from the outside or inside. Either way there is a lot of deconstruction to the building needed to just get to the bees. Once the colony is exposed they then need to be cut out and put into a movable hive box. The sheets of bee comb needs to be placed in special frames to support it then placed in the hive box the same way it came out of the building. Of course you also have to deal with 50,000 bees at the same time. If this sound too much to do on your own, call a beekeeper that knows how to do it. There are local beekeeper assiciations in your area, just search for them on the web.