Thuja wilting, yellowing, and dying?

Asked March 21, 2019, 3:20 PM EDT

The Thuja were only planted last fall so this was their first winter. It has been rainy and I suspect that they are waterlogged and drowning. If that is true, can we save them by digging them up and letting them dry out and then planting them again once the soil is better drained? I took photos of about 5 of them and there are probably 12 to 14 in total.

Hartford County Connecticut trees and shrubs

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Thank you for this question, as well. Since there are some varieties of Thuja plicata that are yellow in the winter (as mentioned in this Extension article, your tree may be fine, or may suffering from winter stress, or may not have been planted correctly to leave room for root expansion over the winter. As with the question I just answered about the fungus, I would take some leaf samples to the Extension office, since it is impossible to diagnose whether a plant is still viable through this communication mechanism. I hope they can help you solve these problems!

Thank you so very much. I will take the sample to UCONN and see if they can help.

Good! Sometimes, a continent can be lightyears away!