Garden Roses - leaf skeletonization, tiny worms

Asked March 21, 2019, 9:23 AM EDT

For the last several years my climbing and bush roses have been infested with very tiny larvae/worms that almost completely skeletonize all the leaves. Natural methods haven't worked and I'd like advice on what kind of pesticide to use and how to apply it. I want to be proactive this year! Thank you, Anne B., Williamston Township

Ingham County Michigan

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Hello Anne,

The rose slug can be controlled with any of several products. These should be applied to the foliage when the larvae are small or just after the leaves have fully developed, usually in late May. The best products for homeowners are cyfluthrin (sold as Bayer Advanced Vegetable and Garden Insect Spray), bifenthrin (sold as Ortho Bug B Gon). Either product can be purchased at the Tractor Supply store near you. Be sure to read and follow all instructions and safety precautions found on the label before using any pesticide.